Flow Coffee Table Medium | Oak Wood

Flow Coffee Table Medium aka Japanese coffee table with rounded edges, contours its asymmetrical elliptical form by curved two legs. The linear skeleton joins into the legs to create a well-proportioned base for the table top.

Crafted from oak wood, the low piece awakens a sense of tactile by making the unique textures of the material visible. Instead of covering the details, it reflects the transparent relationship of the parts to its silhouette.

Flow Coffee Table is a refined interpretation of Chabudai, the traditional Japanese low table. It is flatpack, and the pieces slot together easily with the system similar to the traditional Japanese woodcraft technique Jigoku-Gumi.

Shipping for European countries within 15 days, worldwide within 30 days.

Here is the assembly video of Flow Coffee Table Medium

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Flat pack
Easy to assemble
Assembly Video

Table top: Oak veneer birch plywood
Skeleton: Solid oak wood
Legs: Oak veneer birch plywood
Finish: Mist coloured natural oil

H 34 / W 60 / L 120 cm
W 8,5 kg

We deliver Flow Coffee Table Medium Oak Wood in two boxes with the dimensions of 39x124x13 cm & 81x141x9.5 cm and 16 kg of total weight. Flow Coffee Table Medium Oak Wood will be ready for shipping within 15 days for European countries and 30 days for worldwide.

Better yet, free return is possible in 30 days.

The well-crafted piece made from
oak wood optimizes its volume.