Hikari Oil Burner | Black Matte

Dedicated to moments of tranquillity and serenity, Hikari Oil Burner is a living object that embodies a form within the balance of the Japandi style and the 1980s deconstructivism movement. It defines a sculptural volume of conic pieces that complete each other distinctively. Crafted with softly brushed black anodised aluminium, Hikari Oil Burner is designed by Gökhan Eryaman and İsmail Dağlı.

This oil burner presents a peaceful journey when the heat from the tealight softly diffuses the essential oil within the aluminium cone. Better yet, the essential oil of your choice makes this experience unique.

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— Can be paired with standard tealights.
— Use only natural essential oils.
— The number of drops depends on the size of your room or the desired scent intensity.
— To preserve the quality of the oil burner, clean after use at once.
— Handwashing is recommended, do not put it in the dishwasher. You can hand wash it by scrubbing with a small amount of water, and dry with a soft cloth.

— Crafted with softly brushed black anodised aluminium.
— You can stick the self-adhesive felt that comes out of the box under the oil burner to preserve the damage to the polished and sensitive surfaces from the heat.

Create a peaceful and warm ambiance by placing a tealight into the Hikari Oil Burner. Lean back and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere surrounded by your favourite fragrance. To protect the oil burner’s quality, add a small amount of water in the cone on top while applying 3-7 drops of essential oil.

— H 9 / Ø 12
— W 150g

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