Frame Cushion | Elliptical

Frame Cushion Elliptical is a seating pad characterized by a simple geometric form.

It presents a comfortable experience by creating a pouf-like feeling for those who sit on it. Thin yet soft, it provides ease of movement with the anti-slip texture below. 

With an eco-friendly approach, the fabric is made with 100% recycled polyester. Antibacterial and easy to clean; but better yet the fabric is fire retardant.

Shipping for European countries within 7 days, worldwide within 15-30 days.

Stone Beige
Stormy Sea
Product Details
With round edges, it perfectly fits on the family of Frame Chair. It is a kind of warm and characterful piece that can reflect your unique style.
Inviting a personal touch, the fabric offers colour options stone beige, sage, stormy sea and sierra.

Frame Cushion blends rounded geometric forms with the earthy colour palette.

Sense of softness to sit on.