Flow Desk

Flow Desk is an organic shaped table with a two-piece skeleton and curved legs. The linear pieces of the skeleton join into the legs to create a well-proportioned base for the table top. In other words, it is the reflection of Japandi-style Flow Family.

Crafted from oak wood, Flow Desk awakens a sense of tactileness by making the unique textures of the material visible. Instead of covering the details, it reflects the transparent relationship of the parts to its silhouette.

The wooden material of the Flow Desk is obtained from sustainable forests. The pieces allow combinations with the idea of using what nature has to offer efficiently. 

Shipping for European countries within 7 days, worldwide within 15-30 days.

Here is the assembly video of Flow Desk

Product Details
Flow Desk is a beautiful harmony of the organic surface, well-balanced frame and concave legs. Flatpack pieces reflect their calm relationship with each other around, and the refined geometry softens interior monotony gently.
It is flatpack, and the pieces slot together easily with the system similar to the traditional Japanese woodcraft technique Jigoku-Gumi.

Flow Desk allows opportunities to create your own stories. You can curate it as a console of the entrance or favourite corner of your living spaces, desk for your working space or make-up table in your bedroom.