A cozy piece to escape and calm down or a versatile cocoon to focus and think… Particularly, a utilitarian chair that blends comfort and sculptural forms. Crafted from oak wood, Frame Lounge Chair defines a beautiful geometry. The sculptural skeleton consists of thick oak-veneer plywoods for durability and round solid legs while natural canvas fabrics wrap it gently.
Guided by maximum comfort and aesthetic, Frame Lounge Chair provides cocoon-like experience who sinks into. With the wider and lower design language, it is a versatile piece that presents freedom to the body generously for any position. Hence, it can be your relaxation area to think or read; but better yet, it can be a space for biting or more thanks to its well-thought armrests.
Frame Lounge Chair is an inviting piece that adds elegance and coziness to any room. More, it is a piece of furniture in itself since it allows you to create your personal sanctuary indoors and outdoors.
Frame lounge Chair is flatpack; the parts join each other easily with just six screws and no need for glue. It is well-proportioned, and the relationship of the components is clear honestly. Easy to carry, it is a seating piece that blends lightness with durability.
Inviting a personal touch, this meaningful combination can be varied to adapt to your living stories. In this sense, the canvas fabric offers colour options bone white, caramel, and brown while the wooden skeleton in two colors mist and chocolate.

Under the creative direction of Ismail Dagli, Frame Lounge Chair is designed by Gokhan Eryaman with the desire of creating an individual corner full of pleasure.