Frame Collection
Sculptural Pieces Born in Gentle Silhouette
Frame is a collection dedicated to the sculptural character full of Japandi feeling... It defines a construction that blends classical Japanese on the skeleton and modern Scandinavian on surfaces and legs. The unique skeleton for the tables and chairs is stable while the surfaces offer options.
Blending versatility and sophisticated structure, Frame Table presents perfect surfaces that gently adapt your living stories. Offering two forms, square and elliptical, both have an all-purpose drawer that is hidden into the skeleton and slides both sides smoothly. Frame Table can be your versatile piece of furniture while you are around it for dinner or working on your own, or having a meal with your loved ones as well as in a commercial curation such as restaurants, cafes and hotels.
Frame Chair is a family of seating pieces that is an expression of comfort and well-balanced geometry. The seat and backrest formed in curvature slightly make sure you will sit comfortably for hours. The family welcomes you with its form options, rectangular and elliptical, in three colours; mist, chocolate and black.
Frame Chair presents the beauty of the material and the poetic relationship of the wooden parts in every view.
Thin yet soft, Frame Cushion also supports this experience by creating a pouf-like feeling for those who sit on it with its form and colour options.
Frame collection is flatpack; the wooden parts of furniture join each other easily with just screws and no need for glue. The smooth surfaces of tables and chairs are made from oak veneer birch plywood while the skeleton and legs are solid oak wood. Importantly, these parts are obtained from sustainable forests and the recyclable packages wrap all of these to deliver them to you.

With its characterful presence, it can be the warm pieces of your contemporary living stories for both indoors and also outdoors by paying attention to the care advice such as protecting against direct sunlight, heat and humidity.