Discover Wa Family
Wa is a family that blends soulful forms and calmness in the delicate structure. Inspired by the versatile perspective, each piece is a celebration of graceful geometry with refined details.
Wa Family consists of a table, a bench, and a stool that offers more than their functions; and it is about how you characterize each piece. This means Wa Table can be the generous rectangular surface for your living or working spaces. More, the frame meets the table top beautifully by leaving a linear gap while two triangular pieces of black buttresses on both sides of the table make this piece unique.
Wa Bench and Wa Stool are the more independent pieces of the family in case of versatility. Wa Bench can be a seating piece in front of your dining or working table, a bench end of your bed, a display unit against your wall, a low platform for your books and candles, or just a bench wherever while Wa Stool can be a nightstand beside your bed, an open storage unit in your bathroom, a coffee table beside your armchair, or just a stool wherever.
Wa Family is flatpack; the wooden parts join each other easily with just screws and no need for glue. The smooth surfaces of the table, bench, and stool are made from solid oak wood and applied natural oil that provides durability and feels to the material. Importantly, the wooden pieces are obtained from the recyclable packages wrap all of these to deliver them to you.

With a poetic feeling yet Japandi aesthetic, each member of Wa Family can be a characterful piece of your contemporary living stories both interiors,  also outdoors by paying attention to care advice such as protecting against direct sunlight, heat, and humidity.