About Us
The story of Kita Living began to create objects for the simple and modern lifestyle we embrace. The well-thought pieces that we designed for living spaces are adaptable, sensuous and focused on details. With simple geometric forms, Kita Living objects bring together craft culture and modern methods. We embrace the approach of holistic sustainability to the habitat we belong to.
Design Approach
We designed Kita Living objects which are inspired by the slow and conscious living culture, as pieces intended to use for many years. We wanted to present the possibility of customization in terms of color, material and modularity with the products which emphasize simple geometric forms. We believe that nature awakens positive emotions, and we prefer natural materials that offer characteristic textures in Kita Living objects. We deliver Kita Living products to you as flatpack which you can easily assemble. In this way, we ensure that it becomes a part of your living space in a short time. We care about the feeling you get when you create it with your own hands and With a modular approach, we efficiently manage the packaging, storage, shipping and assembly processes. In this sense, we offer accessible design by reflecting the savings we provide on products.
Holistic Sustainability
Perfect Harmony of Nature and Design

With a conscious attitude to the planet we belong to; we adopt a transparent and holistic sustainability approach considering the climatic impact.

Material: We use wood from sustainable forests in our products. We stay away from materials that do not dissolve in nature.

Design & Production Process: We determine the design principles with the idea of using what nature has to offer efficiently. In this sense, we focus on creating pieces that allow different combinations.

Care & Maintenance: We wish the pieces we designed with natural materials that become more beautiful over time, will maintain in your living spaces for many years. Therefore, we recommend you apply natural wood oil to pieces. With the sustainable modular perspective we adopt, we provide the parts of the products you need for repair and possible replacement processes over time.

Packaging & Transport
Since we deliver the flatpack products to you, we prevent the use of excessive packaging. In addition, thanks to the space savings provided by flatpack products during transportation, we minimize the carbon footprint that occurs during transportation.