Wa Bench

Contoured by a delicate structure, Wa Bench takes its name from the Japanese word “harmony”. It characterizes its presence in the balance of soulful forms and refined details.

Wa Bench is flatpack; the parts join each other easily with screws and no need for glue. The wooden pieces are obtained from sustainable forests, and coated with natural lacquer that provides durability and feel to the material.

Shipping for European countries within 7 days, worldwide within 15-30 days.

Here is the assembly video of Wa Bench

Product Details
Crafted from solid oak wood, the skeleton of the Wa Bench consists of a linear rectangular top and double-breasted legs in two pieces.
A piece of furniture born in versatility, Wa Bench can be adapted to any room with its utilitarian perspective

A seating piece in front of the dining or working table, a coffee table beside the sofa, a display unit against the wall, a low platform for books and candles, or just a bench wherever.

Wa Family consists of a table, a bench and a stool that presents versatility.

With a poetic feeling yet Japandi aesthetic, this independent piece with clear lines can be used indoors and outdoors and can be adapted with various seating pieces easily.

Versatility in soulful forms.