The presence of emptiness is nothing, yet everything… It is the reflection of serenity we need, and the pursuit of meaning we seek for. Therefore this invisible clarity in mind and in life, the idea of Zen, is literally what Kita is.
The story is about tracing the possibilities that awake the senses... In essence, to create a visible and perceivable thing that is a reflection of the image inside the mind, and it takes time. Seeking for the materials and discovering the sensuous ones, feeling and thinking on them, the pursuit of forms that are imagined, harmonizing textures in themselves, the relationship in between forms and textures as well, and considering the emptiness; these are all about creating a balance both within the piece itself and the place it is in, and this means Kita.
Every piece in Kita strives to reveal ‘Ma’, which is the sense of emptiness. And thus, it fills form and meaning to the whole.

“Ma, it is the essence of everything... Movement and experience are only possible with it. Kita also designs through considering and praising Ma.”

Kita creates sensuous and well-crafted living pieces, and it is born with Flow Coffee Table.