Every living space has its own soul inside. We create our unique stories with the elements that reflect us. Allowing possibilities to imagine, we choose colors, forms and textures to make them visible. It is like a journey with the touch of brushstrokes on the canvas.
Crafted from oak wood, Flow is a refined interpretation of Chabudai, the low table in traditional Japanese homes. In this sense, it keeps up the calm feeling with its soft edges and roundy geometry in three forms for peaceful interiors.
Under the creative direction of Ismail Dagli, Flow Coffee Table is designed by Gokhan Eryaman with the idea of allowing different combinations in simple forms. It is a family of low pieces that is defined by the curved legs which refer to the silhouettes of it by grasping the sculptural skeleton.
The well-thought pieces of Flow interlock each other with no screw or glue. The table top fits into the skeleton gently by characterizing the product. It offers two different material options; the crafted one from wood makes the characteristic textures of oak visible through a smooth surface. The options of bronze and smoked glass let us see the joints of the skeleton while offering durability thanks to tempered glass.
Large is a welcoming piece and can be preferred in common living spaces to hang around. Allowing the interiors creative freedom, Medium can be placed on narrow and linear interiors. With its well-thought size, Mini ​​intends to add personality and can be adopted in living rooms as a side table or bedrooms as a nightstand.
Flow Coffee Table reflects the transparent relationship of the parts with each other to its silhouette and represents this calm relationship with the products surrounding it. Guided by senses, it can be preferred in any room while softening monotony.