Frame Table | Elliptical

Defined by the sculptural woodwork, Frame Table Elliptical is an expression of a gentle geometry.

With the idea of creating a versatile table, it has a utilitarian perspective by offering you an ideal surface for your dinner, yet also for your work.

It is a spacious yet lightweight piece. Crafted from oak wood, it defines a sculptural structure with solid round legs and an elliptical table top. Frame Table is flatpack; the parts join each other easily with screws and no need for glue.

It presents the beauty of oak wood and structural details in every view. Hence,  Frame Table Elliptical can be the generous piece of your contemporary interiors or peaceful outdoors.

Shipping for European countries within 7 days, worldwide within 15-30 days.

Here is the assembly video of Frame Table.

Product Details
The poetic relationship between sophisticated structure and elliptical table top characterizes its presence with an elegant drawer.
Frame is a family of tables that offers two options in form of table tops, elliptical and square.

Hidden into the skeleton, the drawer is an all-purpose storage solution in a refined geometry that slides both sides smoothly.