Frame Lounge Chair | Oak Mist

Inspired by the sculptural forms, Frame Lounge Chair is a seating piece with a wider and lower design that presents a cocoon feeling to the person who sinks into it.

With the idea of creating a cozy chair that ensures freedom to the body, it presents a great comfort thanks to its generous size. Hence, you can sit for longer periods of time and enjoy it both indoors and outdoors. In the meantime, it has a well-thought armrest that you can work or eat by putting your laptop or bowl on it.

Frame Lounge Chair is made from oak-veneer plywood which is a robust material. It is flatpack; the parts gently join each other with just six screws and no need for glue. 

The wooden frame pieces are obtained from sustainable forests, and coated with natural lacquer that provides durability and feel to the material. 

Shipping for European countries within 7 days, worldwide within 15-30 days.

Here is the assembly video of Frame Lounge Chair.

Bone White
Product Details
Frame Lounge Chair makes the sculptural relationship of the parts visible. The warm canvas fabrics of the seat and backrest surround the wooden skeleton with clever details.
Inviting a personal touch, the canvas fabric offers colour options bone white, caramel, and brown while the wooden skeleton in two colours mist, and chocolate
It is the harmony of beautiful geometry and comfy fabric elements. Combining comfort with gentleness, and durability with lightness, it is a characterful piece for your interiors.

Frame Lounge Chair is a well-proportioned piece, and it reflects the characterful expression to its poetic silhouette. 

Under the creative direction of Ismail Dagli,
Frame Lounge Chair is designed by Gokhan Eryaman.