Frame Chair | Rectangular - Oak Mist

Characterized by rectangular forms, Frame Chair is an expression of comfort and well-balanced geometry. The confident relationship between skeleton, seat and backrest figures its presence gently.

Frame Chair is a seating piece that presents the beauty of sculptural woodwork. It is flatpack; the parts join each other easily with screws and no need for glue.

It presents the beauty of oak wood and structural details in every view. With its simple and raw feeling, Frame Chair Rectangular can be the comfortable and timeless piece of your contemporary interior

Shipping for european countries within 7 days, worldwide within 15-30 days.

Here is the assembly video of Frame Chair.

Product Details
Crafted from oak wood, Frame Chair defines a sculptural structure with solid round legs and rectangular surfaces with soft edges.
You can customize it with Frame Cushion and reflect your unique style.
Formed in curvature slightly, the seat and back fit on the sophisticated skeleton perfectly. In this sense, it is a well-thought approach that brings comfort to the body.

By inviting a personal touch, Frame Chair family offers two forms for the seat and back, rectangular and elliptical while the finish offers three options mist, chocolate and black.

Sculptural seating piece born in a gentle silhouette